Host Privacy Standards

Effective date: 05th January 2022

Handling Guest Personal Information

As a Host you will receive and use Guests’ personal information to manage and deliver your Host Service. Please remember that you are responsible for complying with applicable privacy laws when you handle and process personal information. You should only use personal information you receive through the One Stop Check-In Platform as necessary to manage and deliver your Host Service.

Standard Contractual Clauses

The information to complete the Clauses is as follows:

You are the “data importer.”

(i) the data subjects are Guests;

(ii) the purpose of the transfer is to enable you to provide the Host Service;

(iii) the categories of data may include the Guest’s profile, full name and National ID / Passport Number, the full name of any additional Guests (if entered), Guest’s phone number, any other information the Guest chooses to share, and additional information to assist with their accommodation.

(iv) the recipients of the data are any service providers you may choose to retain to assist you in providing the Host Services;

(v) no sensitive data is being transferred;

(vi) there is no relevant data protection registration information unless you advise otherwise; and

(vii) for data protection enquiries you may contact us at the contact us here and we may contact you by email to the address on your profile.


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