Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have questions as to how various aspects of One Stop Check-in work and here is where we clarify on the most important and frequently sought information. For further clarification we encourage you to contact us or check out our terms and policies.

Guest Questions

No, One Stop Check-In is not a bookings platform and you can’t make a reservation on a hosts’ listing. We provide hosts with a digital check-in form which guests can fill after booking the hosts accommodation independently.

No, guests do not have to create an account with One Stop Check-In to fill and submit the digital check-in form.

It’s simple. Once the host shares their listing ID. number, enter it into One Stop Check-In’s search and select the host listing that appears. Once selected, scroll and read through their Hosting terms and conditions and click the “Fill Check-in Button”. Fill in the required details and submit the form to the host.

No, once you submit the check -in form, it will be sent to the host. You would need to fill another form and submit.

No, once you submit a check-in form, you cannot delete or recall it. It will be delivered to the Host.

Yes, the information you provide is encrypted and transmitted securely to the host according to our Terms.

No, it is free of charge for guests to fill and submit the check-in form.

Yes, once a guest submits the digital check-in form, they will also receive a copy of the same on their email within a few seconds for their records.

Host Questions

Yes, all hosts need to have an account with One Stop Check-In to be able to create their listing and customize their hosting terms and conditions. This will enable them to receive the digital check-in forms.

Opening and registering an account with One Stop Check-In is free, however for us to be able to provide this valuable service sustainably, hosts pay a monthly subscription fee based on the number of listings that they would like to receive guest digital check-in forms.

Once you create your listing, you will receive an email with your listings’ ID no. or you will find it under “My listings” menu when you log in. Share this listing ID no. with your guests or the listings link for them to be able to find your listing and fill your digital check-in form.

One Stop Check-In send the guest digital check-in form to the hosts email immediately they submit. The host will receive it within afew seconds.

Yes, One Stop Check-In encrypts and transmitts the information provided by guests securely to the host. Upon receiving, the host is required to uphold the privacy and confidentiality of the information according to our Terms.


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